Natural Life Style

Founder Chairman : Acharya Mohan Gupta

What is Nature Cure or Naturopathy?

Nature never did betray the heart that loved her.

The human body is a self-curing, self repairing, self-manufacturing and self-reproducing organism. When we live in a way Nature intends us to, we remain healthy. If at all disease crops up, creation of favourable environment without external aids, helps to remove the cause of ailment and effect healing process to start.

Healing of an ailing human body is Nature?s prerogative. The unshakable fact is that disease is an irreversible process. By taking preventive measures we can only obviate further damage to the human body.
Rather than "prevention is better than cure", it is "prevention is the only cure".

Nine Symptoms of a Healthy Body ( Hindi )

  1. Uniformity in warmth all over the body
  2. Lightness felt in the body
  3. Feeling of comfort
  4. Excellent appetite
  5. Deep and relaxing sleep
  6. Felling of happiness in the mind
  7. Capacity to perform all the internal body processes successfully
  8. No lazy feeling during routine work
  9. Timely exertion of waste products in proper quantities from excretory organs without the help of any laxatives or purgatives
  1. Cause of Disease(Hindi) : A person willing to cure his disease, can cure him self if he can eliminate the reason of the disease, thus, try to find out the cause of disease first
  2. Vital force (prana) & disease (Hindi): Disease has no existence on its our try to learn the way of keeping healthiness through the vital force (Pranayam)
  3. Ill habits : (Hindi) TO enjoy complete health, it is mandatory to make changes in our life style try to know the ill habit of unhealthiness.
  4. Daily routine : (Hindi) To enhance the immunity of the body, natural food is highly significant Try to know the food promoting good health
  5. Query resolution : (Hindi) The person learning the art of natural living must not have any doubts/ illusions in his mind.

Why not before the disease strikes(Hindi)

  1. Prohibition from salt in case of Blood pressure
  2. Prohibition from sugar in case of Diabetes
  3. Prohibition from ghee/milk in case of Heart disease
  4. Prohibition from soap in case of Skin complications
  5. Prohibition from soft mattresses in case of Back pain


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