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What is Natural Life Style ?

NLS stand for Natural Life Style.

Why history of nls?

Our Nature –cure is based on the principles propounded by Ach. K. Lakshmana Sarma who is known as Father of Nature-Cure in India. He laid the foundation of scientific Nature Cure in India. Around 1913 he took to Nature-Cure for his self –Treatment and radically cured himself through this divine Science of Health. His deep knowledge of the Vedic Lore enabled him to provide the missing links in the system of Nature-Cure as it was at that time prevalent, and enrich it thereby. Thus, he established a firm and scientific basis for the principles and practice of Nature-Cure.

What is Cause of disease?

While confronted with a problem in any sphere of our life , the proper way to effectively deal with it is that problem likewise before we adopt any therapy is giving to provide permanent cure (benefits) or not. cure lies in the removal of the cause and merely providing symptomatic relief.

What is disease?

Contrary to the general perception disease is the process of internal self cleansing of the body initiated by the vital power within. In this process, the body helps clean itself through cold, cough, fever, loose motion, acne, vomit body aches, pain etc. This process of cleansing is known as acute disease or healing crises in the terminology of Natural Hygine.

What service provide in 4 days residential camp ? How to Register 4 Days Residential Camp ?

This programme has been organised in a 5 star Hotel in Delhi and the undermentioned amount includes charges for stay, food & other natural eatables, Consultation, Practical Treatment through Enema, Patti, etc.

The undermentioned charges are for a complete package of 3 nights 4 days with a free “welcome kit” containing books, enema, Patti, etc.

The charges for 4 days camp are :

>> 3 bed sharing room – Rs. 14500 per person

>> 2 bed sharing room – Rs. 16000 per person

>> Single room – Rs. 22000 per person

For Registering our Four Days camp :

What is products in NLS kit

This amount includes a free kit containing books, Enema set, Patti set , DVD, CD etc. worth Rs. 1000/- and also includes Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Consultation etc. Even if it looks high then you can join our free class which takes place on each Sunday at our head office at Rohini.

Why we should attend this session?

We don’t understand and implement the diet chart fully and practically in your daily life, we recommend that you should attend our “One day training session” and our “Four Days Residential Camp” which is presently taking place in Delhi.

How to purchase our products ?

1) You can purchase the required material by placing ON LINE ORDER through the website amazon,in. Just type “Natural life style Mohan Gupta” in search line and all the books and other products with their prices will be shown there.

2) You can also place your order by contacting our head office at Rohini Delhi – Phone no : 9870291635. Your ordered material will be sent to you BY COURIER at your address.

3) You can also purchase any item by VISITING OUR HEALTH CENTRE at the following address :

Natural Life Style
H 32/22 Sector 3 Rohini Near Vishram Chowk, Nearest Metro station (Rohini West)
Delhi – 110085 INDIA