President : Mrs. Pooja Bansal

Mrs. Pooja Bansal is foremost Disciple of Ach. Sh. Mohan Gupta. She is president of Natural Life Style and Editor of Magazine “Natural Life Style. She has 15 years experience of living healthy life without medicines as following the path from 2004. She is indispensable part and strongest pillar of Natural Life Style. She is engaged in delivering lecture on Natural Life Style along with Ach. Sh. Mohan Gupta in capital and other parts of the country. She is next to Ach. Sh. Mohan Gupta to take ahead the mission of the organisation. She is available everyday at Head Quarter in Rohini,Delhi between 10:00 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. supervising office staff of the organisation and giving consultation to the Health Seekers. Amazing everybody has how She juggles her time between his familiar duties and selfless services to the cause of Natural Life Style is only known to her dedication and patience is exemplary. In the year 2004 her husband Mr. Manoj Bansal developed kidney stones and other ailments. He started following Natural Life Style to get rid of kidney stones.In no time he recognised the potential of the divine science and practiced it with full zeal and show time got rid of kidney stones and other ailments Pooja Bansal too was diagnosed with Tuberculosis amazed by the result of Natural Life Style on her husband. She is faithfully started following the way of life advocated by Ach. Sh. Mohan Gupta and good quote of Tuberculosis. As Gratitude, then She decided to actively serve the cause of Nature Cure and become his zealous follower and associate. Ever since her husband and her own cure, her family is faithfully leading this drugless way of life. Her two children also follow these Natural way of living and live healthy and active live without any type of medicines.