How to make Ash Gourd Juice?

o you want to lose weight? Are you suffering from BP or diabetes? If yes, then you must know this exciting recipe of Ash Gourd juice which has miraculous benefits, and just by taking a glass of ash gourd juice every day you can get rid of various diseases. Today, we will learn how to prepare Ash gourd juice in simple steps.

Recipe to make Ash gourd juice :

Step 1: Take a big Ash Gourd because its juice is tastier than a small Ash gourd.

Step 2: Cut the ash gourd in the middle and then remove its peel.

Step 3: After this remove the pulp part including the seeds and set it aside.

Step 4: Now, extract juice from the remaining solid part only (without seeds and pulp)

Step 5: Cut it into smaller pieces, put them in a mixer jar/juicer, and add little water to it.

Step 6: Now sieve it through a white cloth.

Step 7: One glass of juice for you is ready.

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