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Natural Life Style

Medicine & Disease Free Life

Start Date

05th Nov 2023


8:30 AM To 11:30 AM




3 Hours


Benefits You Will Gain

You will get a lifestyle based on the principles of nature following which your mostly all diseases including age old diseases will be cured.

You will get lifetime freedom from all medicines, drugs, surgeries etc.

You will attain your ideal weight.

You will gain much more energy which you may have never experienced before.

You will get mental clarity as to how our body works and why diseases are caused and how they can be treated of your own.

You will be able to get rid of your problem of high BP and Diabetes without taking any medicines and then you can then eat any sweet fruit and even mangoes.

You will be able to get deep sleep without taking any medicines.

Who should attend

Who should not attend?

What is included?

3 hours Offline Session every Sunday (8:30 Am -11:30 Am)

It will unveil  various secrets that you may have never heard of before from anybody as to What is disease, What causes Disease, Types of Diseases, How diseases reach advanced stage and preventive  measures in a natural and scientific way.

Health Knowledge based on the Laws of nature

You will come to know how our body works through the balancing of 5 elements of nature that is ether, air, fire, water  and earth and the role of food as a medicine for prevention of any disease.

Interactive session

It is not a recorded session where you are unable to discuss any of your queries but rather it will be an interactive live session wherein you can resolve your queries through consultation.

Interaction with Like minded society

You will have the company of the persons suffering from similar problems and you will also learn the knowledge of natural science being delivered which will enhance your knowledge of the subject and solutions deeply.

Learn Natural habits

You will be learn eating habits right from morning till evening which are based on the principles of nature to lead a medicine free, disease free healthy life. You will understand what food the human body has been designed by nature to eat. You will learn how to detox or clean your body naturally.

What our participants or health seekers say

How can l join the Workshop?

You can join the training programme by registration through the following link. You will be sent the running updates after the registration.

On which platform this class will be held?

It will be held offline at the venue :

H-32/22 Sector 3

Rohini Near Vishram Chowk

Delhi – 110085

What will be the cost of the course ?

It is almost free. You will have to pay Rs. 20/- at the venue at the time of reporting at 8:30 am if you have already registered for the programme through the above link.
You will have to pay Rs. 100/- if you come to the venue without any registration or if you reach late at the above venue after the scheduled time.

Who will be the host?

Acharya Dr. Mohan Gupta & Ms. Pooja Bansal

This programme will be hosted by dedicated team members of renowned naturopath  Acharya Dr. Mohan Gupta Msc. Phd (Naturopathy) who have already cured their multiple diseases by following this miraculous natural science of naturopathy.

This science of naturopathy is over 150 years old and was initiated by Shri K. Lakshaman Sharma who was called father of Nature Cure in India and following the same link, Natural Life Style as an organisation was founded by Acharya Dr. Mohan Gupta.

Natural life style since then he has inspired millions  of people across the globe to  lead healthier lives. Various    programs ,lectures, events are being conducted all over India regularly for the last 25 years. Millions of people across the globe are leading a disease free life without taking any medicines or undergoing any surgeries. The knowledge being delivered is very simple and yet powerful and is very easy to follow to educate public on healthy eating and disease free living.

Natural Life Style has been acknowledged by various government and non government institutions in this field.

Sh. Gulshan Satija


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