Patti Set


Patti Set


Benefits : Using a wet pack on the stomach is extremely beneficial for the digestive system as a whole as it improves the working efficiency of all the organs in this region. Whatever the toxins are accumulated in the intestines are removed quickly or if there is swelling or inflammation that gets cured speedily.This kit contains 3 white cotton pieces of cloth – One big and 2 small pieces.

How to use :  The large white cotton cloth is about one meter wide and 2.5 meters long.

  • Fold the cloth four times in its width. Dip this folded cloth gently in bearable cool water and then squeeze out the excess water. Wrap this cloth round the abdomen in such a way so that half of the pack lies above the navel and the other half should lie below the navel as shown in the picture given below.
  • Over this wet pack, wrap any warm cloth or dry cloth as per weather conditions and wear your usual clothes to the extent needed.

Similarly, there are two other small strips of clothes available in this kit, which are about 36 “in length and 4-5” in width.

  • These strips of clothes should be folded and applied over the forehead region, over the neck or anywhere on the body, in the case of sore throat, tonsillitis, laryngitis, Headache, Cough, cold, boil, skin-Irritation, Wound, Sprain Etc. wherever required.

Note:- To get detailed information about Wet Packs, Kindly study the book “ROGON SE BACHAV” written by Acharya Shri Mohan Gupta.

If you want to see the method of use through our video, then write NLS PET KI PATTI  in youtube Channel Search bar and you can know about the same both in English and Hindi.


The detailed video for knowing ” Abdominal Wet Pack and its use” can be seen through the video.


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