What Is Disease?

Opposing the common notion, disease is actually a natural process of the body’s internal self-cleansing, facilitated by the Vital power within. Through symptoms such as cold, cough, fever, loose motions, pains, etc., the body undergoes a process of self-purification. This purifying process is referred to as acute disease in the language of Natural Hygiene.


As per this principle, when the internal conditions of the body are hygienic, which implies that the eliminatory organs are performing their daily functions under ideal or almost ideal conditions, and the body is free from any obstructions, such as the deposition of foreign matter, the practitioner experiences good health. However, when the internal state is not in alignment with the aforementioned criteria, the individual falls ill.

Illness arises in the body only when the underlying causes of that illness exist. When the body is not in a state of ease, it is considered diseased. The initial stage of the disease is characterized by experiencing one or more of the Acute Diseases, such as cold, cough, phlegm vomiting, loose motions, fever, boils, body pains, etc. These acute diseases serve the purpose of internal cleansing of the body, which is beneficial to our health. During an acute disease, a person may feel weak externally and uncomfortable internally. It’s important to note that the duration of an acute disease is limited, lasting only a few days (usually two or three days). Once the body has rid itself of foreign matter, the person will regain their health and feel energized.

The occurrence of acute diseases is not limited to adults, as even small children, birds, and animals can develop them. These diseases were common even 70-80 years ago and remain latent in the body until the vital power finds an opportunity to eliminate toxins from the body, making the disease evident. However, if drugs and medicines are used to suppress the disease in its patent form, it goes back to the latent stage and can progress to become chronic or even destructive if repeatedly suppressed. This raises an interesting question: in the past, chronic diseases could be treated using natural methods such as herbs, and destructive diseases were unheard of. It is concerning that even children are now affected by these destructive diseases.


Suppressing acute diseases with medication can lead to the recurrence of the same or other acute diseases in a few months. Continual attempts to suppress these diseases can further weaken the body and burden it with foreign matter, leading to a deficiency of vitality. Chronic diseases like asthma, high or low blood pressure, pleurisy, bronchitis, rheumatism, diabetes, sinusitis, and insomnia can arise as a result. Medication can disturb the natural periodic elimination of toxins through the vital power, leading to toxin accumulation in the body. Unhygienic habits exacerbate this issue, leaving less vital power available. This further increases the load of toxemia, which can adversely affect the structural integrity of vital organs, leading to destructive diseases like cancer, AIDS, heart attack, kidney failure, stroke, brain hemorrhage, and paralysis.

A person can always improve their health habits and reverse the effects of accumulated toxins, regardless of their stage of illness. This means that it’s possible to free oneself from any disease by adopting a natural hygiene approach. According to the principles of natural hygiene, even if someone is in the chronic stage of disease, they can still experience acute disease without necessarily progressing to the destructive stage.

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