Are We Risking Our Life By Going to the Gym?

Is exercising in the gym becoming a risky deal for our lives? Exercise is an important part of a healthy lifestyle, but it’s important to exercise in the right way to avoid causing harm to our bodies. In recent years, there has been a growing concern about young people suffering from heart attacks during exercise at the gym. But what is causing this?

Exercising is good but now-ad-days, people who go do gym tend to do a lot of violent exercises which lead to heart attacks. To live a long life a natural style one should not harm it’s body in any form, even if it is exercise. Even Nobel Prize-winning scientists have conducted research on this subject, According to Dr. Elizabeth Blackburn, who received the Nobel Prize in Medicine in 2009, and Dr. Dean Ornish, MD, and his team, violent exercise can negatively impact our bodies. When we exercise excessively, the quality of our telomeres, which are the protective caps on our chromosomes, tends to decline as compared to our age. On the other hand, moderate exercise and nonviolent exercise recommended by NLS increases our telomeres’ quality, which is associated with longevity.

To understand the harmful effects of violent exercise, let us consider how we exercise in the gym. Most people exercise more than their capacity to reduce weight and build body mass. It has become a trend to hire personal trainers to guide us in our workouts, yet many are not able to accurately determine how much exercise is needed for their bodies, leading to overexertion. In addition, most gyms advise taking protein powders, which are industrial foods, not natural ones. As per Natural Life Style, foods that do not grow on plants naturally are not fit for the human diet. If we want to consume protein in our diet, we can switch to natural sources like sprouts, nuts, and seeds. Instead of working out in air-conditioned closed rooms, we can play outdoor games like football, volleyball, hockey, and cricket that not only exercise our whole body but also provide fresh air. Moreover, playing games elevates our mood and enhances team spirit, as most games are played in groups or teams. Other good options for daily exercise include brisk walks in the fresh air, non-violent pranayama, yogasana along with sunbathing.

We must observe wrestlers’ habits to truly understand what violent exercising can do to one’s body. A wrestler’s body tends to break down after the age of 50, the strength of their bodies decreases, and the power that was supposed to be used later in life is utilized at an early age. The law of vital economy and nonviolence has been in existence since 1913, as a part of our Indian culture which is rich in ancient health science. Modern science is starting to realize the importance of ancient wisdom that has been practiced for thousands of years. However, despite the increasing awareness, we still fail to understand and implement these age-old practices in our daily lives. The damages caused by neglecting our health are huge, and we need to take steps toward preventing them.

If you are interested in detailed learning more about our events and programmes, there are two options available to you. The first is to join a free Sunday online class, where you can ask any questions, you may have. The second is to visit our head office for a free health consultation with our doctors and mentors. Our mission is to spread the knowledge of ancient science and help people take control of their health. As per NLS, exercising holds the utmost importance for our health, but it is crucial to exercise correctly. We must listen to our bodies, understand our capacity, switch to natural protein sources, and engage in outdoor activities to enhance our overall health and well-being. Our ancient health practices have a lot to offer, and we must not overlook their value. Let us prioritize our overall health, take inspiration from nature, and exercise to live a fulfilling life.

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