4 Days Residential Camp

4 Days Residential Camp

Start Date: 13 Jun 2023
07:00 AM
End date: 16 Jun 2023
04:00 PM
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This 4 days camp provides Advanced Knowledge live lectures about Natural Life Style or Nature cure. The major highlights are :

  • Instant miraculous results just within 4 days.
  • Complete Health Transformation and boosting of Immunity Level
  • The positive trend toward normalcy in diagnostic reports of diseases like Diabetes, High BP, and Obesity just within four days.
  • Cure your PCOD, Thyroid, Kidney and gall bladder stone, and Uric Acid.
  • Instant relief in Anxiety, Depression, Stress, Gastritis, Acidity, Constipation, Headache, Joints pains, Migraine, Asthma, etc.

This program includes:

  • Advanced Knowledge live lectures by Acharya Ji and Pooja Ji
  • Accommodation
  • NLS Detox food
  • Pranayam, Meditation Corrective Exercises
  • Sunbath, Sungazing
  • Practical application of NLS therapies
  • Stress Management
  • Supervised by an expert Allopathic team of doctors

The program is conducted under the supervision of our medical team and allopathic doctors.

Donation Applicable

Rs. 17,500/- (Per Person), 3 Beds Sharing Room

Rs. 19,500 /- (Per Person), 2 Beds Sharing Room

Rs. 25,500 /- (Per Person), Single Room or one person Charges (No Sharing)

Venue of event:Tivoli Grand Resort Hotel Main G.T. Karnal Road New Delhi-110036
Zoom link: Click here to join