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Acharya Sh. Mohan Gupta is the foremost disciple of Brahmleen Acharya Seshadri Swaminathan who now is a renowned Naturopath in his own right. He adopted Natural Life Style in 1999.Acharya Seshadri Swaminathan in his twilight years of life chose Acharya Mohan Gupta to carry forward his mission of educating masses about drugless way of life and appointed him his Broadcast Minister. Ever since then Acharya Sh. Mohan Gupta has selflessly been putting all possible efforts in his might towards this objective. He has been delivering lectures on Naturopathy as propounded by Acharya Seshadri Swaminathan all over India. Due to his powerful oratory and sincerity of purpose many among his audience have benefitted by following eminently simple Lifestyle in getting rid of their varied ailments and living a healthy life without any medicines or aids whatever.

He is a family person and a businessman by profession. He spends maximum time and his own funds in propagation and spread of this great science and wisdom with the sole purpose of alleviating the sufferings of the people by imparting this knowledge. So that they can restore lost health and lead drugless way of life.

He established Natural Life Style in 2006. The main declared objective of Natural Life Style is spread of this divine knowledge selflessly as widely as possible. Anyone who follows the Natural Life Style advocated by this School of Naturopathy sincerely and faith coming with understanding of this science is bound to raise his / her health level and get cured of all the diseases they might have had earlier. Many among those practitioners become his ardent followers and feel indebted to him in helping them for regaining their lost jewel of health. As a gratitude and with the inner desire to repay a part of this debt they join his organization and lend a hand to carry forward this pious mission with unpatrolled zeal.

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