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Acharya K. Lakshmana Sarma ( 1879-1965 )

Our Nature –cure is based on the principles propounded by Ach. K. Lakshmana Sarma who is known as Father of Nature-Cure in India. He laid the foundation of scientific Nature Cure in India. Around 1913 he took to Nature-Cure for his self –Treatment and radically cured himself through this divine Science of Health. His deep knowledge of the Vedic Lore enabled him to provide the missing links in the system of Nature-Cure as it was at that time prevalent, and enrich it thereby. Thus, he established a firm and scientific basis for the principles and practice of Nature-Cure.

His services to the Nature-Cure movement have been recognize by Eminent personages like Paramhansa Shri. Swami Sivananda Saraswati, Kavi Yogi Shuddhananda Bharti, Dr. Jesse Mercer Gehman, Dr. Edwin Flatto, Dr. Kenneth S. Jaffrey to name a few. During his life time he authored a comprehensive book on Nature Cure titled “Practical Nature Cure” which is knows magnum opus on this subject and is a most text books for all Naturopathy Courses in the country. Besides this he authored many other books like Pranayam or Breathing for Better Health, Constipation & Dyspepsia Cause & Cure, Fasting Cure & Vital Economy etc.

Undoubtedly his most remarkable & greatest contribution to the Nature Cure movement has been the invention of Spinal Bath Tub, remarkable tool curing insomnia toning up the entire nervous system of the body.

He had a uncanny knack of spotting a talent to carry forward his message and mission of educating the people at large. He rightly mentored Acharya Sheshadri Swaminathan Ji and ordained him to continue the work of curing the masses through Nature Care.

Acharya Sheshadri Swaminathan (1921 to 2006)

Pt. K. Lakshamana Sarma ordained to propagate and spread these principles of Nature-Cure to Ach. Seshadri Swaminathan to took a vow of celibacy to dedicate his whole life in this monumental work with the desire that no one should fall sick.

Directed by the two spiritual Luminaries Paramhansa Shri. Swami Sivananda Saraswati and Sri Pranava Bhrahmendra Ananda Saraswati, Swaminathan Sought refuge at the holy feet of Acharya Lakshman Sharam back in 1948 to learn “NATURAL HYGIENE” in depth and Disseminate this much-needed knowledge to one and all. He proceeded to learn the Science of Nature Cure from Acharya Lakshman Sharma with complete dedication and then decided to remain celibate and dedicate his whole life to propagate this science for the benefit of humanity.

Acharya Lakshmana Sarmaji passed the secrets of secrets of Swadheena Swasthya Mahavidya, on to Swaminathan who has, since then, engaged himself in propagating the Message of Mother Nature. At the behest of those very Luminaries he has taken to refresh our traditional values of life and relate each one of them to physical/mental health. He is the Founder-Trustee of “SRI VENKATADRI

VEDA VEDA VIDYA PEETHAM TRUST” where Vidyarthees study the Vedas in the ancient Gurukula style. Swaminathan’s articles in English and Hindi, published in our Journal “YOUR FAMILY FRIEND”

Are gone through by thousands of health-seekers month after month. He is also the author of many books on Natural Hygiene in English and Hindi like Prakritik Swasthya Shastra, Swadhin Swasthya Mahavidya, Swasthya Ke Mool Sidhant, Rogon Se Chhutkara, Prakrtik Chiktsa Ka Vagyanik Aadhar, Science of Natural Hygiene, Scientific Basis of Nature Cure etc.

Ach. Seshadri Swaminathan ji, very meticulously emphasized that spread up this science must not be commercialized. None should make it a profession or business so that the sanctity and grace of this great knowledge is not compromised.

In due course of time hundreds of people got radically cured forever by following his teachings and to this day swear by him. Many became his ardent followers like Sh. Baldev Krishan Verma, Sh. Kewal Krishan Jhamb, Sh. Ram KUMAR GUPTA.

He always wanted that some of his avid followers to carry forward his mission in spreading knowledge of how remain healthy and fit without the aid of any drugs and medicines. His foremost disciple Acharya Sh. Mohan Gupta picked up the gauntlet and furthered his mission in the service of humanity.

Late Sh. Ram Kumar Gupta

Sh. Ram Kumar Gupta was one of the oldest and closed associate of Ach. Seshadri Swami Nathan ji. He was Stanch follower of Naturopathy. His whole family also follows the principles of Naturopathy as a way of life. They have been organizing lectures of Swami ji in Parks, Schools etc. After demise of Sh. Ram Kumar Gupta a trust has been formed to spread the message of Swami ji to common people. Till date an annual lecture series is conducted in parks, Schools etc. in his remembrance by his family. His three son Sh. Vijay Gupta, Sh. Suredner Gupta and Sh. Sanjeev Gupta are also the trustee of Natural Life Style and they render selfless services in every possible way wherever required.

Late Sh. Kewal Krishan Jhamb

Sh. Kewal Krishan Jhamb hailed from NWFP ( Pakistan). He came to know about Ach. Sh. Swaminathan ji in the year 1954-55 at 24 Outern Square, Mandir Marg, New Delhi. He was immensely impressed by his talks on Naturopathy. He created in himself unflinching faith and started practice and preaching other people. He became the right hand of Swami ji and served the humanity for about 45 years. He inculcated the same faith in his family to “Enjoy the life with Naturopathy” with a motive that every person should become his/her own Doctor.

Now his two sons Mr. Harish Jhamb and Mr. Satish Jhamb and their Children are follower of Natural Life Style. Younger ones in this family is the fourth Generation to follow the principles of Natural Life Style. Mr. Harish Jhamb is the treasurer of Natural Life Style and member of Editorial Board. He is providing selfless service for the association, attends weekly classes on every Sunday and assisting outdoors camps of Natural Life Style.

Late Sh. Baldev Krishan Verma

Sh. Baldev Krishan Verma ji was in Engineer by profession. He became an ardent follower of Natural Life Style after coming in contact with Ach. Seshadri Swami Nathan ji. Having experienced the benefits of Natural Life Style he became a shadow of Swami Ji and used to assist to Swami ji during personal consultation provided to Health Seekers. In the absence of Swami ji he himself provided consultation and dedicated his life and services for the cause of humanity. His knowledge and experience about Nature Cure was at the highest level amongst the followers of Swami ji. He compiled his knowledge on the subject in a book title “ Physiological Laws of Human Organism” . Keeping in view his command and knowledge on the Subject Sh. Verma ji were utilized as an Editor in Chief of Monthly Magazine “Your Family Friend” at that time. He also contributed a lot when the current Monthly Magazine “ Natural Life Style” was started in December 2010. He was providing his services in the form of consultancy and training to the Health Seeker at the premises of Sh. Ram Kumar Gupta Trust in Punjabi Bagh (East) till his demise in August 2012.

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