Spinal Bath Tub


Spinal tub Bath is a water based therapy where a person is made to lie down in a specially designed metal equipment so that only the back is immersed in water with desired temperature. Spinal tub bath is very useful in hypertension, insomnia, nervous system etc. diseases.


Spinal Bath is totally different from the normal bath we take in our routine. It is inspired from the baths taken by cows, buffaloes, and other animals who enjoy full benefits of natural bath sitting half immersed in water in rivers or ponds for hours together. The animals while taking their natural bath keep half part of their torso inside the water body and keeping the other half outside it. This way their body maintains 2 temperature zones simultaneously resulting in increased blood circulation in the body which helps in curing various imbalances of the body.

This Spinal Tub Bath is a nearest substitute of natural bath. This bath aids in getting rid of toxins inside the body due to faster circulation of the blood when Spinal Bath is taken. Nervous system is strengthened and digestion improves. Unwanted gas or wind trapped inside the body is released while lying down in the tub

In today’s hustle and bustle of life every person is under some kind of tension most of the time. If Spinal Bath is taken once or twice a day in summer time, a lot of tension gets released and further it relaxes the person apart from relief in physical ailments. Apart from diseased this is equally beneficial to healthy persons as well as it improves the health further. Even those who are not able to sleep after taking sleeping pills can be seen in deep sleep after lying in spinal bath tub for 5-10 minutes in the Spinal Bath.

It is very helpful in menstrual disorder, PCOD, PCOS, Conception of child, Prostate gland enlargement, Kidney stone, High creatinine level, Fistula, Piles, Parkinson disease etc.

The secret of improvement in the health of the person is due to creation of two different temperatures in the body leading to faster circulation of blood, as it rushes to the cooler temperature in the body and its efficiency improves.

Spinal Bath should be avoided in winters, during menstrual periods or when the body is weak.


This bath is taken in a specially designed rectangular type of tub. Its body is made of aluminum sheet which is 40” (100 cms) long and 25” (64 cms) wide. Pour normal tap water up to 2/2.5 inches deep in the tub and lie down keeping the head with side having larger slant and feet on the side having smaller slant. In hot summer time pitcher cooled water can be used. The head and the legs should be outside the water with head resting on the more inclined side and feet on the lesser inclined side touching the ground. (See picture). Place a cold wet pack on the stomach as well while lying in the tub.

In case of headache or sore throat then keep wet packs on the head and wrap around throat as well. If feet are cold, place these in a warm water. Spinal bath can be taken for 15-30 minutes.


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