Ragi Flour

Rs. 60/500gms
Ragi is a powerhouse of health benefiting nutrients that help in reducing weight and also acts as a treatment for multiple diseases like Brittle Bones, Osteoporosis, Anemia and Diabetes. It is a natural relaxant that helps in relieving stress and anxiety. It is one such rare cereal that doesn’t need to be polished and, therefore, can be consumed in its purest form with all its goodness intact.

Benefits of Ragi Flour:-

  • Helps in Weight Loss

    Ragi benefits weight loss in a unique way and holds a significant place in diet programs for weight loss. A special amino acid, Tryptophan present in Ragi helps in curbing appetite. It has a higher rate of fiber compared to any other grain or rice. The high amount of dietary fiber combines with water and keeps the stomach fuller for a longer period of time. It is low in unsaturated fats that make it the ideal cereal for those looking to lose weight. The heaviness of the dietary fiber slows down the rate of digestion thereby keeping us fuller for longer with very less calories.

  • Increases Bone Strength

    Ragi health benefits are not limited to weight loss only. When it comes to calcium, there is no other plant source that comes even close to Ragi. It is loaded with calcium and vitamin D that makes it a vital component for increasing bone strength. Go natural, replace over the counter calcium supplements with Ragi porridge that works as a super calcium supplier for growing children and aging people. It helps development of bones in children, maintains bone health and prevents bone erosion in adults. It also works as an effective food to avert Osteoporosis.

  • Controls Diabetes

    Regular consumption of Ragi has been found to reduce the risk of Diabetes Mellitus because of its high content of dietary fibers and polyphenols. It has a higher amount of fiber compared to rice, wheat or any other grains. The high level of fibers in Ragi slows down the pace of digestion thereby helping in lowering blood sugar levels. It also has a low glycemic index that makes it an ideal snack to prevent late night food cravings and help to maintain blood sugar within safe range.

  • Reduces Cholesterol

    Ragi has been proved to work wonders in bringing down blood cholesterol levels and is one of the best home remedies for heart health. It controls the cholesterol level by reducing plaque formation and preventing blockage of blood vessels thereby cutting down the risk of stroke and other heart diseases. The key amino acids Lecithin and Methionine present in the cereal helps in lowering cholesterol by extracting and cutting out excess fat from the liver, and the amino acid Threonine prevents formation of fat in the liver. Ragi, in the unripe, green form can also help in controlling high blood pressure and hypertension.

  • Aids Relaxation

    The abundance of antioxidants, mainly Tryptophan and amino acids in Ragi help in fighting damage causing free radicals and reducing oxidative stress. It works as a natural relaxant and helps in relieving stress related ailments like anxiety, hypertension, depression and headaches. It also helps in relieving sleep disorders like Insomnia along with cerebral pains and Migraine.

  • Good Source of Protein and Amino Acids

    Ragi is one of the best natural protein sources. It is also rich in health benefiting amino acids and mineral like Calcium, Iron, Niacin, Thiamin and Riboflavin. The important amino acids present in Ragi are Valine, Threonine, Isoleucine, Methionine and Tryptophan that help in muscle functioning, maintaining metabolism, blood formation, fighting anxiety and depression and also promotes the release of growth hormones.

  • Treats Anemia

    Ragi sprouts is one of the healthiest sprouts to eat to load up on Iron that helps in increasing blood formation in persons suffering from anaemia or low haemoglobin levels. Vitamin C increases the level of iron absorption in the body and therefore it is best to have sprouted Ragi in the form of Ragi flour or Ragi malt. .Sprouted Ragi contains vitamin C that makes the iron present in it easily absorbable by the body. Include it in your daily diet and cut out artificial iron tablets or tonics.

  • Helps Digestion

    The high level of dietary fiber in this cereal aids in proper digestion, normal bowel movement and prevents constipation. The insoluble fibers present in Ragi assists movement of food through the intestines while the insoluble fibers retain water thereby easing the passage of waste. Include it to your daily diet in order to protect your digestive system and avert risks of constipation and other digestive disorders.

  • Increases Lactation

    Ragi is a great source of nutrition for new mothers that also help in improving the hemoglobin levels. Lactating mothers are suggested to include green Ragi in their daily diet in order to improve milk production. It also enriches the milk with all the essential minerals for the body like iron, calcium and vital amino acids that is extremely important for the child as well as the mother.

  • Reverts Skin Aging

    Ragi not only helps in maintaining proper health and keeping diseases at bay, but also works wonders for maintaining youthfulness and vitality of skin by blocking premature aging. Ragi can be used to be the most effective natural anti aging drink. The vital amino acids Methionine and Lysine present in the cereal helps in creation and maintenance of collagen. It is a substance that supports the skin tissues to make it supple and lively thereby making it less prone to wrinkles and sagging.

Ragi Flour

Rs. 90/kg
Brown rice is better for you than white — most of us know that! It’s The majority of consumers typically choose white rice over brown rice because of the difference of appearance. While it’s true white rice looks so much more delicious than brown rice, it doesn’t mean it’s the healthier alternative. According to a study conducted by the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, brown rice is the top choice in terms of both nutritional and other inherent healthy benefits.

Benefits of Ragi Flour:-

  • Rich in Selenium
    Brown rice is rich in selenium which reduces the risk for developing common illnesses such as cancer, heart disease and arthritis.

  • High in Manganese
    One cup of brown rice provides 80% of our daily manganese requirements. Manganese helps the body synthesize fats. Manganese also benefits our nervous and reproductive systems.

  • Rich in Naturally-Occurring Oils
    Naturally occurring oils are beneficial for the body as these healthful fats help normalize cholesterol levels.

  • Promotes Weight Loss
    The fiber content of brown rice keeps bowel function at it’s peak since it makes digestion that much easier. Brown rice is the perfect addition to the daily diet for those seeking bowel regularity. In addition, brown rice also makes the tummy feel full which translates to smaller meal portions.

  • Considered Whole Grain
    Brown rice is considered a whole grain since it hasn’t lost its “wholeness” through the refinement process. Wholes grains are proven to reduce the buildup of arterial plaque and reduce the risk of heart disease and high cholesterol.

  • Rich in Anti-Oxidants
    This is one of the best kept secrets regarding brown rice. We usually associate anti-oxidant rich foods with blueberries, strawberries and other fruits and vegetables. The antioxidant capacity of brown rice is right up there with these super stars.

  • High in Fiber
    Brown rice is high in fiber and on top of the list for foods that can help prevent colon cancer. This can be attributed to the high levels of fiber naturally contained in brown rice. These fibers attach to substances that cause cancer as well as to toxins in the body, thus eliminating them and keeping them from attaching to the colon wall.

  • A Slow-Release Sugar
    Brown rice helps stabilize blood sugar levels; therefore, it’s an excellent food choice for those suffering from diabetes. Studies show that those who consume one half cup of brown rice daily reduce their risks of developing diabetes by 60%. On the other hand, those who consume white rice regularly increase their chances of developing diabetes one hundred-fold.

  • Perfect Baby Food
    Brown rice cereal or brown rice itself is the perfect baby’s first food due to the dense natural nutrition and fiber it contains. This is a much better choice than refined white rice cereal products as rapidly growing babies and toddlers require nutrient rich diets to help maintain rapid growth cycles.

Wheat bran (chokar)

Rs. 60/500gms
Most grains, like wheat and oats have a hard outer layer. When they are processed, this layer becomes a byproduct, and is called bran (chokar). In the case of processing wheat to make wheat flour, one gets miller’s or wheat bran. Wheat bran is packed with nutrition, and offers many dietary benefits. Wheat bran cereal is good for breakfast food. It is a wholesome food and one does not feel hungry for a long time. Wheat bran is inexpensive and versatile, and there are several ways to add it to your diet.

Benefits of Wheat Bran (chokar):-

Chokar is very helpful and useful to you in many ways such as

  • The regular intake of Chokar helps in curing constipation problem.

  • It reduces fat.

  • It control diabetes as it has minerals necessary for insulin excretion, which is good for diabetics.

  • It provide more energy to our body.

  • It helps a lot in the digestive system.
  • It is considered a suitable food for children and it can prevent asthma in them.

Chemical Free Gur/ Jaggery

Rs. 70/kg
Jaggery which is Calledgurin Hindi, it is essentially unrefined sugar which is obtained from raw, concentrated sugar cane juice. It is prepared by boiling sugar cane juice till it solidifies and then put into blocks. Although gur can be made from other sources namely from date palm and the sap of coconut, the one made from sugar cane juiceis the most commonly used.

‘Jaggery is the closest substitute to white sugar and is healthy too. It can be used exactly like sugar as you get in powder, solid and liquid form.’ Not only isgur better than white sugar which only adds empty calories to your body, it also has a few health benefits. Here’s why it is good for your health.

Benefits of Gur / Jaggery:-

  • Prevents constipation
    Jaggery helps prevent and relieve constipation by stimulating bowel movements. It activates the digestive enzymes in our body and thus helps in proper digestion of your food. This is the reason, why most people tend to eatgurafter their meals. Here’s how to relieve your constipation with these easy home remedies.

  • Is good for anemics
    Guris also an excellent source of iron, a mineral that plays a key role in the production of haemoglobin. Hence, adding jiggery to your food preparations or eating a small amount of jaggery can actually fulfil your daily requirement of iron. This in turn, lowers your chance of suffering from iron-deficiency anemia.

  • Cleanses the liver
    Want to effectively detox your body? Eat a small piece of jaggery. It helps detoxify your liver by flushing out harmful toxins from your body. Read about ayurvedic detox diet — a step-by-step guide to cleanse your body.

  • Treats flu-like symptoms
    Cough and cold, water retention, bloating and migraine are some of the minor health problems that most of us experience on an everyday basis. However, you can fight these symptoms with the help ofgur. All you need to do is mix it with warm water and drink or add it in your tea instead of sugar to reap its benefits.

  • Reduces PMS
    Do you experience sudden mood swings just before your periods? If yes, eat a small piece of jaggery daily to combat these symptoms ofPMS. Caused due to fluctuating levels of hormones in your body, jaggery causes the release of endorphins aka happy hormones. This in turn relaxes your body and makes you feel good thereby preventing from premenstrual syndrome.

  • Increases immunity
    Our body’s ability to fight infections and keep us healthy is greatly dependant on our immune system. Jaggery is loaded with antioxidantsand minerals like zinc and selenium, which help prevent free-radical damage and also boost resistance against infections. Here are 5 amazing tips to improve your immunity.

  • A word of caution!
    Though there aren’t any notable side-effects of consuming gur, it is slightly high on the number of calories – it contains 4 kcal/gram. Hence, people who are on a weight loss diet or are diabetic should monitor their consumption as it can lead to weight gain and fluctuations in the blood sugar levels. It is best to consult your dietician before you start eating jagerry to know how much is needed by your body.

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