Use of Sunlight – Sun bath and Sun gazing

The healing properties of sunlight can make us fittest, healthiest and disease free. If we take sunlight in the right manner, it can work as a panacea for your body and cure diseases permanently. Sun God is the god of cleanliness, health and hygiene. All the fruits and vegetables cannot grow and ripen without sunlight or the power of the sun God. We all know that we get Vitamin D from Sunlight which increases the power to fight any infection in the body. Sunlight also increases blood circulation in our body by penetrating deep inside and in this way detoxifies the body of various wastes and we can also get rid of various skin diseases.

Understanding this importance of sun bathing our elders used to start their day and still do the same by doing Yogaasans and Surya Namaskars under the early morning sun. But in the modern times or nowadays we have adopted such a life style which keeps us indoors or in a closed box atmosphere almost all the time be it in office, shopping or at home or even in playgrounds. This trend has given rise to many innumerable life style diseases.

Now let us see 2 ways to extract energy from the sun – Sunbath and Sun gazing.

Sun Bath

How to do

We need light of the sun and not heat. When the sun rises in the morning, there is sunlight and not heat.

Keep off all your clothes in some private place at the terrace and sit in the light of the sun directly.

As nowadays there is no provision of any such private place in the modern housing Complexes, you should wear light and loose cotton clothes of light colour preferably white and sit in the sun early in the morning.

The best time is the early morning but if it is not possible in the morning then do the same process at the time of sunset.

If that is also not possible then do this process during afternoon but cover your head if it is very hot.

Beware that the best time for sunbathing is the early morning or the light sunshine.

Leave the process when the body gets slightly heated or there is light sweating in the body or underarms.

If there is any disease then you can get rid of it in a shorter duration.


Sun gazing is very beneficial for the eyes. This should be done within an hour of the sunrise. If the sun is red or yellow or if there is no pressure on the eyes by looking at the sun, then you can see the sun with the naked eyes. If direct gazing is uncomfortable gaze through a big and fairly thick leaf like banana, Ashok or Pipal leaves. Do not use yellow or dry leaves.

At that time you can do chanting of any religious mantra like “Gayatari Mantra”, or anything as per your religion and comfort.

Gaze for a few seconds. Take eyes off the sun for a short time and repeat. Indulge for 5-15 minutes and when done wash your eyes with cool water or keep a small wet cloth over the eyes, if possible.

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