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Bad effects of Warm water / गर्म पानी के दुष्परिणाम / Is hot water good for health? / Hot water

Pears - नाशपाती के फायदे - Health Benefits of Pears - Increase Immunity through Nashpati

Immunity booster - देखिए कैसे बढ़ती है Immunity वह भी 4 दिन में - Sushma Explains How ?

Team Members Experiences - Magical Diet Plan 27-6-21

How to quit tea in 4 days- NLS के 4 days से हुआ मेरा पुनर्जन्म : Anoop Rawat: English Subtitles

Discovered a Complete health package after wandering for 20 years by joining NLS - Tells Sarika

कैसे बढ़ेगी नवरात्रों में Immunity - भारतीय नव वर्ष की बधाई - Acharya Mohan Gupta

Know the Science of Wet Abdominal Pack - जानिए NLS (Pet Ki Patti) पेट की पट्टी लगाने की विधि व लाभ

क्या Natural Life Style Wrong Number है ? Is Natural Life Style a Wrong Number ?

What are Tonsils - Cure Tonsillitis Sore throat naturally - जानिए इसका कुदरती इलाज बगैर ऑपरेशन

Natural Surgery of Boil / Furuncle/ बालतोड़ / केसतोड - Cured Chickenpox - Realised the power of NLS

Cured High Sugar and BP- Lost 3 Kg within 4 Days- Got Major relief in Prostate: Krishan Lal

Got rid of Sinus- Chronic Constipation - Knee pain : Says Arun Sondhi: With English Subtitles

Realised - We are what we eat - 3 days Food at Camp just transformed my body and mind - Priyanka

Surprising Results - Asthma - Insomnia - Diabetes - Depression - Vanished in no time - Pal Singh

Became free from Multiple Diseases - Diabetes - Thyroid - Prostate - Obesity - डर भरोसे में बदल गया

Got relief in PCOD - Insomnia - Stress - Improved Relationships with Mother- Lost 3.5 Kg: Yashika

NLS has the Power of Simplicity- Determined to Follow NLS: Says Hemant Srivastava (NLS Follower)

NLS cleared my Myths - What to eat and What not to eat - मुझे ब्रम्हांड के दर्शन हुए - Amrit Versha

NLS diet Cured my severe Hair fall -Cold and Cough of my child: Says Rimpy: English Subtitles

NLS diet Cured my Diabetes and BP- Used to take 2 types of Medicines: Manohar Lal: English Subtitles

Cured Sciatica - Acidity - Knee Pain - Now I can walk for 45 Minutes : Says Leena - In English

NLS Diet cured Chronic Diabetes within 2 Weeks- Sugar level becomes 105 from 165: English Subtitles

High Sugar Level becomes half in just 3 days: Dropped to 260 from 500: English Subtitles

Relief from 10 years old Back Pain - Realised the right way of Implementation of NLS Science

Diabetes no more now - Mindset for diseases completely Changed - Wonderful knowledge of Nature Cure

Cured Sciatica - Acidity - Knee Pain - Now I can walk for 45 Minutes : Says Leena - In English

What is Natural Life Style - How Nature Cure can benefit anyone - Shared by NLS follower

Determined to follow NLS lifetime - Improved BP and Sugar Levels Without any Medicines - In English

Severe Eye dryness problem cured just in 4 days - Great relief in Knee pain problem - Says Supriya

Realised the benefits of fasting - Quite Energetic Now- No Hairfall- Says Neeru- English Subtitles

Got Freedom from Surgery - Knee pain cured without operation - दोनों घुटनों के दर्द से मुक्ति

Got lifetime freedom from Steroids by following NLS - Me and my son - Ms. Alpa Aggarwal - USA

करवा चौथ में उपवास कैसे करें, क्या खाएं क्या ना खाएं - ताकि लाभ मिले How To celebrate Karwa_Chauth

Big relief in - BP - Knee pain - Insomnia - NLS Diet is a complete Satisfaction- Says Saroj Kohli

Determined to leave Non- Veg food and follow NLS for entire life - Says Gyan Chandra

How to cure viral fever without medicines by following NLS way of Life - Says Manoj Arya

How to cure BP yourself - Definite healing of BP & cholesterol without any medicines - Mohan Gupta

Tea was my favorite- Quit tea in 4 Days Camp- NLS team is full of Energy- Says Geeta Narang

Big Relief in 15 Years old Sinus- Lost 3 Pounds in just 1 Day- Says Ravneet Plawn

Reduced 17 Kg with NLS diet- Feels quite Energetic - मन अशांत रहता था पर अब शांत है - Says Taruna

Cured Eczema - Asthma without medicines with NLS diet Plan - Proved that Asthma is not hereditary

NLS is Powerful Package of - Diet - Pranayam - Sun Gazing- Sun Bathing - Re-inventing relationships

Cured Severe Acidity-Vomiting-Headache- No Joint Pain-Feeling Fresh in just 3 days - Sarika Pawar

Cured 7 years old Cervical Spondylosis - Heel Pain - Back Pain - Headache - Says Ujjwal Raj

Satvik Food relaxed my mind and body - जैसा अन्न वैसा मन - Experienced by Nand Kishore Gupta

Should we believe in our Internal Healing Power or words of Authority or Majority ? Decide Yourself.

Live and eat in accordance with Nature to live a happy and healthy life without hospital & medicines

Arthritis Got Cured- Son recovered from Stone in just 3 Days-Says Kanta Devi

Acharya Mohan Gupta Ji Transformed My Life - Friend Got Cured through NLS - Says Sri Digvasa

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