• Natural Life Style is a non-commercial, non-political, non-religious organization working for the welfare of the general public. Its main objective is to propagate the science of how to stay healthy without any type of medicines or mechanical aids far and wide.
  • Now a days Natural Life Style is known as Nature Cure in general parlance, though it is not a curative system at all. It’s a way of life. This has to be adopted as a Life Style as is apparent from the name Natural Life Style aptly chosen by organization. By adopting Natural Life Style as a way of life, the diseases get cured all by themselves.
  • This Life Style is ancient, unbelievably simple, pious and eternal. This can and should be done while remaining at home. Unlike mechanical aids being used by the professional Nature Cure Institutions, it is our endeavor to save this ageless science from being deprived of its sanctity by modernization.
  • Naturopathy is very different from other prevalent drugless therapies. All other so called drugless therapies like Acupressure, Acupuncture, Electro Therapy, Magneto Therapy, Color Therapy, Colon Therapy etc., which do not remove the cause of disease, are neither part of nor Nature Cure themselves. We have to save Nature Cure from being converted to a kind of Mixed Therapy and keep it in its pristine glory.
  • Its spread and propagation must be done with selfless devotion and without any vested interest .There is great danger of its sanctity being compromised if it is made a profession.
  • It is imperative that we marshal all our energies and resources at our command to save each and every person from incurring mind boggling expenses on ineffective medical health services and for saving national resources so that these can be applied to more useful purposes to make this nation healthy & prosperous.
  • It is also the aim of Natural Life Style to incorporate the Science of Naturopathy in the syllabus of Schools & Colleges.


  • To propagate, popularize teaching, preaching, principles and guidance of Brahmleen Aacharya Sheshadari Swaminathanji relating to living with Natural foods and Nature Cure.

    • To propagate, promote, facilitate, making popular the living with Nature Cure, based on Natural food through Lectures by Natural Life Style Team Members led & spearheaded by Acharya Mohan Gupta.
    • To encourage young generation in colleges, schools etc. in order to creates awareness and generate interest about Natural Life Style & Natural food.
    • To organize meeting, conferences, seminars, workshops, broadcasts, telecasts, camps etc. for healthy living, treatment through Natural ways, Natural food based on Natural life style.
    • To teach science of Natural Life Style, Natural Hygiene and Non- Violent pranayam at regular classes for benefit of individuals who want to attain optimum levels of health.
    • To spread the activities by creating units at central, state, Regional and district/ Local levels and take help of bodies like village Panchayats etc. in this context.
    • To strengthen nature care/cure institutions & NGOS and to make, evaluate plans and implement projects in rural, tribal, slums in various parts of the country and take steps to arrange financial and other assistance from Govt. another funding agencies, where ever available.
    • To publish various books, magazines and other literatures to give guidance to all member organizations and public at large who are interested in Natural Life Style, to promote techniques & make available books cassettes, CDs etc. available on subject in India and abroad.
    • To run various training activities for Natural Life Style at different levels.
    • To organize self less, dedicated, sacrificing social workers willing to devote time, energy and life for the promotion of mission of Natural Life Style and to give scholarships awards, felicitations, stipends in this context.
    • To purchase, acquire land, buildings in name of Trust for uplifting and fulfillment of aims and objectives of the Trust.
    • To develop, encourage setting up of Natural food stores and products without any profit motive so that these products are easily available to consumers.
    • To make people aware about harmful effects of chemicals used in Agricultural and consumable food products at all levels, their contribution to polluting our life styles and to promote Natural ways such as organic farming, pest / insect resistant varieties of plants etc.
    • To take effective steps to ensure that soil, water, air etc. are protected against pollutants and non-bio degradable waste and contact all religions institutions , concerned authorities in this context.
    • To build database, keep, update the same about various validated case studies and personal experiences.
    • To interact, help, assist and work in partnership with various persons institution/ Organizations workings with similar, related or ancillary objectives.
    • To do all the things as board of Trustee may deem fit as are required towards attainment of objectives of the Trust.

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