Abdominal Wet Pack or Wet Pack or Cotton Patti Set


It is a cloth set containing 3 cloths of different sizes which are used for  detoxifying the body.


Using a wet pack on the stomach is extremely beneficial for the digestive system as a whole as it improves the working efficiency of all the organs in this region. Whatever the toxins are accumulated in the intestines are removed quickly or if there is swelling or inflammation that gets cured speedily. As soon as a wet pack over the stomach is applied, the gas trapped there gets released. This can be experienced immediately on applying the wet pack. It is beneficial for a healthy person as well.

All our vital and digestive organs like liver, small & large intestines, pancreas, spleen, gall bladder, kidneys etc. are in the stomach region. Body gets nutrition after the food is digested. If our stomach is alright, i.e., the digestive system working in an efficient manner, then our body will remain disease free.

To keep the stomach fit, let’s understand the science of the use of wet pack.

Our whole body temperature is normal. Wet pack on the stomach reduces the temperature on the stomach. The principle of health is that wherever the temperature decreases in the body, our body increases the blood circulation on that side to balance its temperature.

Most of the organs related to the Digestive System of our body are around the stomach such as gastric Stomach, Liver, Kidney, Gall Bladder, Small intestine, large intestine, Pancreas etc.

Due to increased blood flow in these organs, their efficiency increases.

How to use

Take a cotton sheet of about 2.5 meters length and 1 meter wide. Soak in normal cold water and squeeze. Four fold it. Roll it and wrap around the stomach keeping navel in the middle. If the patient is weak or the weather is too cold, then a thin towel or some warm woolen cloth may be wrapped over the wet pack. Daily routine work can be continued after wearing clothes over the wet pack. This may be applied kept for 30-40 minutes and can be done 3-4 times in a day.

It can be applied any time except when one is taking meals or eating anything. If one feels that the food is not being digested properly, this should be done after the meals. During any emergency or acute disease let the portion of the body remain in touch with air, meaning thereby that do not cover the wet pack with clothes.


The smaller wet packs or cotton pattis as shown above can also be used for some other purposes as well.

If any pain occurs in any internal organ, or some wound or boil erupts in any limb of the body, then smaller wet pack or patti as shown above (or a small towel) can be used as wet pack. Soak the cloth in water, squeeze the water out and apply over the requisite portion of the body for 15-20 minutes. This way the blood circulation rushes towards the affected part where the wet pack has been placed. In case of sore throat, to get instant relief, wrap it around the throat. In the case of headache, tension or lack of sleep, keep wet pack on the head. This helps a lot. Along with this apply wet pack on the stomach too for better results.

But this must also be remembered that in case of any inconvenience or pain in any part of the body, no solid food is to be taken on that day. If fasting is done with a cool mind along with wet packs, the relief comes quickly.

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