We do not breathe through nose and lungs only. Our skin also breathes air through its countless pores. Cotton clothes help our body to derive full benefits of air bath and sun bath. In this way we keep ourselves away from various unknown diseases and it also boosts our immunity power. The fibers like polyester, nylon, terry cotton clothes should be avoided and used the least.

How to do

While at home wear clothes in summer as less as possible so that the skin can feel the air on it. If the wind is still, fans may be used in the room.

Often it is seen that small babies cry when they are made to wear clothes. At the dawn of civilization, (for that matter even today in these modern times), tribal inhabitants of Andaman & Nicobar islands do not wear clothes.

At least small children can be left to their choice of not wearing any clothes during summer and least of clothes during other seasons so that air can pass through the body. Of course, avoid in severe winter and blistering summer, when taking air bath can be harmful. Full benefit of air element can be derived only in moderate season.

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